Description: Gross Primary Productivity (2012-03-13)
Short Name: auscover_gpp
Metadata contact organization: AusCover
Organisation role: distributor
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Licence notes: Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY)
Type: Environmental (gridded)
Classification: Vegetation
Units: kg C/m^2
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Notes: The Terra/MODIS Gross Primary Productivity (GPP) product (MOD17A2) is a cumulative composite of GPP values based on the radiation-use efficiency concept that is potentially used as inputs to data models to calculate terrestrial energy, carbon, water cycle processes, and biogeochemistry of vegetation. (Text from Data are derived from the MODIS Land Products that are distributed by the LPDAAC as tiles from a global sinusoidal projection. Tiles for selected products for Australia have been downloaded and then mosaiced and remapped using the Modis Reprojection Tool (MRT). The products have been split into individual bands to reduce file size and have been reformatted to ensure consistency in SDS and attribute nomenclature
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