Description: Satellite measures of sea surface temperature (SST) were obtained at a 2.5 arc-minute resolution (approximately 4 kmĀ²) from Aqua-MODIS 4-micron nighttime SST Level 3 standard mapped image products, downloaded from NASA's Ocean Color website ( Final SST monthly climatological rasters were multiplied by 100 to preserve the precision of the dataset, and rounded to the nearest integer to save file space. As with salinity, five bioclimatic MARSPEC variables were derived from the scaled SST climatologies, but unlike salinity, the variables were calculated from only the ice-free months. We calculated the mean annual sea surface temperature (biogeo13), temperature of the coldest ice-free month (biogeo14), temperature of the warmest ice-free month (biogeo15), annual range in sea surface temperature (biogeo16), and annual variance in sea surface temperature (biogeo17).
Short Name: marspec_16
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Metadata date: 2012-08
Reference date: 2012-08
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Type: Environmental (gridded)
Classification: Marine ⇒ Temperature
Units: 100 x degrees C
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