Description: Based on per-pixel greenness trajectories measured by MODIS EVI, phenological cycle curves were modelled and their key properties in the form of phenological curve metrics were derived including: the first and second minimum point, PEAK, start and end of cycle; length of cycle, and; the amplitude of the cycle. This layer is the day of the year peak amplitude. 2012 was a wet year.
Short Name: phenomax1_2012
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Organisation role: Author
Metadata date: 20110629
Reference date: 2015
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Type: Environmental (gridded)
Classification: Vegetation ⇒ Phenology
Units: Day
Data language: eng
Notes: Broich, M., A. Huete, M. Paget, X. Ma, M.G. Tulbure, N. Restrepo-Coupe, B. Evans, J. Beringer, R. Devadas, K. Davies & A. Held. (2015) A spatially explicit land surface data product for science, monitoring and natural resources management applications. Environmental Modelling and Software. 64: 191-204. Broich, M., A. Huete, M.G. Tulbure, X. Ma, Q. Xin, M. Paget, N. Restrepo-Coupe, K. Davies, R. Devadas & A. Held. (2014) Land surface phenological response to decadal climate variability across Australia using satellite remote sensing. Biogeosciences. 11(5): 7685-7719.
Keywords: evi, green, flower
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