Description: Species Richness
Short Name: srichness
Metadata contact organization: ALA-SPATIAL
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Type: Environmental (gridded) 0.01 degree (~1km)
Classification: Biodiversity
Units: frequency
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Notes: Species Richness is derived by applying a moving average to all point occurrences held by the Atlas of Living Australia. If all occurrences are mapped (over terrestrial and marine areas), a moving average is like moving a window with many panes over the area, noting the number of differences species in each pane and placing the average of all panes at the centre pane. The window is moved to the next sample location and the process repeated. Species Richness uses a 9 by 9 pane window where each pane is 0.01 degrees latitude/longitude. Each move of the window is 0.01 degrees. Scope: World
Keywords: diversity, occurrence, sample, average
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