Description: summer or winter rainfall season - future climate scenario for 2030 A1B emissions CSIRO Mk3.5 GCM medium climatic sensitivity - OZCLIM + ANUCLIMv5.1
Short Name: 2030A1BMk35M_srain1
Metadata contact organization: CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences
Organisation role: author
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Type: Environmental (gridded)
Classification: Climate ⇒ Precipitation
Units: dimensionless
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Notes: Spring or autumn rainfall seasonality is an index derived from two ratios. The ratio of spring (Sep-Oct-Nov) to autumn (Mar-Apr-May) rainfall totals (minus 1) are assigned positive values when rainfall in spring is greater than rainfall in autumn. The ratio of autumn to spring rainfall totals (plus 1) are assigned negative values when rainfall in the autumn is greater than rainfall in spring.
Keywords: rain, GDM-Ready, 2030-centred
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