Description: Additional NRM activities (expenditures on planning, resource assessment and capacity building) expenditure ($/ha)
Short Name: add_nrm
Metadata contact organization: ABARE
Organisation role:
Metadata date: 2009-08
Reference date: 2001-06
Resource constraints:
Licence notes: Copyright Commonwealth of Australia 2009 The Commonwealth gives no warranty regarding the Products accuracy, completeness, currency or suitability for any particular purpose. Visit the Bureau of Rural Sciences website ( to access the most current version of the Product.
Type: Environmental (gridded) 0.01 degree (~1km)
Classification: Area Management
Units: $/ha
Data language: eng
Notes: The data in the map is calculated using the following equation: (total expenditure - on-ground expenditure) / on-ground expenditure. The equation may be interpreted as follows, for each dollar spent on ground the estimated value shows the additional expenditures spent on NRM activities during the five years period. Additional expenditures includes expenditures on planning, resource assessment and capacity building.
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