Description: Drainage Divisions Level 1
Short Name: awra_drainage_divisions
Metadata contact organization: Bureau of Meterology
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Licence notes: Geofabric 2012 (V2.1) data is licenced for use under Creative Commons Australia Attribution. We request attribution as © Commonwealth of Australia (Bureau of Meteorology)2012 See
Type: Contextual (polygonal)
Classification: Hydrology
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Notes: The Geofabric Surface Catchments product is derived from the National Catchment Boundaries (NCB) V1.1.4. This data defines a catchment for every stream segment containd within the Geofabric Surface Network product according to the GEODATA Nine Decond Digitial Elevation Model (DEM-9S) Version 3. These stream segment level boundaries may be used individually or in aggregation. The product is designed to represent geographic surface boundaries that have a hydrological relationship to surface water features. The NCB Level 1 and NCB Level 2 features are the top two levels in the NCB Catchment hierarchy and have been provided as polygon boundaries.
Keywords: geofabric, catchment
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