Description: OzCoasts estuary/coastal waterways geomorphic habitat mapping
Short Name: geohab
Metadata contact organization: OzCoasts
Organisation role: custodian
Metadata date: 2011-08
Reference date: 2003
Resource constraints:
Licence notes: Licence: CC-BY-3.0 Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia
Type: Contextual (polygonal) Digitised at 1:5,000
Classification: Marine ⇒ Habitat
Units: class
Data language: eng
Notes: This layer is a combination of the OzCoasts estuary/coastal waterways geomorphic habitat mapping for each state. The user should refer to each individual dataset and its associated metdadata on the OzCoasts website. These datasets map the geomorphic habitat environments (facies) for Australian coastal waterways. The classification system contains 12 easily identifiable and representative environments: Barrier/back-barrier, Bedrock, Central Basin, Channel, Coral, Flood- and Ebb-tide Delta, Fluvial (bay-head) Delta, Intertidal Flats, Mangrove, Rocky Reef, Saltmarsh/Saltflat, Tidal Sand Banks (and Unassigned). These types represent habitats found across all coastal systems in Australia.
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