Description: National Resource Management (NRM) Regions
Short Name: nrm_regions_2010
Metadata contact organization: ERIN
Organisation role: custodian
Metadata date: 2011-01-27
Reference date: 2010-11-11
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Licence notes: Access constraints: This data will be made available for download from the Department's website subject to Commonwealth of Australia Copyright and a licence agreement. Limitations of use: This is an administrative dataset developed for the purpose of reporting and public information. The dataset is not a legal boundary dataset and does not represent legal boundaries in any way.
Type: Contextual (polygonal)
Classification: Area Management ⇒ Biodiversity
Units: class
Data language: eng
Notes: The Natural Resource Management (NRM) Regions dataset has been prepared for the purpose of reporting on the Australian Government's Caring for our Country investments. The dataset is designed to cover all Australian territory where Caring for our Country projects might take place and includes major islands; external territories; state and coastal waters; in addition to the 56 NRM regions. This version of the data is an update and formalisation of the 'interim 2010' dataset (which was an interim update of the NRM Regions 2009 dataset- publicly released in Feb 09). Whilst the boundaries of NRM Regions are defined by legislation in some states and territories this dataset should not be used to represent legal boundaries in any way. It is an administrative dataset developed for the purpose of reporting and public information. It should be noted that from time to time the states and/or territories may revise their regional boundaries in accordance with local needs and therefore alterations to either the attribution or boundaries of the data may occur in the future. Caring for our Country commenced on 1 July 2008. It integrates delivery of the Australian Government's previous natural resource management programs, including the Natural Heritage Trust, the National Landcare Program, the Environmental Stewardship Program and the Working on Country Indigenous land and sea ranger program.
Keywords: adminisration, government, landcare, heritage, local
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