Description: Major Vegetation Groups were identified to summarise the type and distribution of Australia's native vegetation. The classification contains different mixes of plant species within the canopy, shrub or ground layers, but are structurally similar and are often dominated by a single genus. In a mapping sense, the groups reflect the dominant vegetation occurring in a map unit where there are a mix of several vegetation types. Subdominant vegetation groups which may also be present in the map unit are not shown. For example, the dominant vegetation in an area may be mapped as dominated by eucalypt open forest, although it contains pockets of rainforest, shrubland and grassland vegetation as subdominants.
Short Name: nvis41_mvg
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Reference date: 11/2012
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Type: Contextual (polygonal)
Classification: Vegetation ⇒ Classification
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Keywords: dominant, tree, forest, woodland, canopy, understory
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