Description: River Regions
Short Name: river_regions
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Licence notes: Geofabric 2012 (V2.1) data is licenced for use under Creative Commons Australia Attribution. We request attribution as © Commonwealth of Australia (Bureau of Meteorology)2012 See
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Classification: Hydrology
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Notes: The River Regions were based on a specification developed by Bureau hydrologists involved in water resources assessment in consultation with the Geofabric team and scientists from CSIRO and ANU. These boundaries were developed for use in regional scale reporting and hydrological modelling. The River Region boundaries were not used in the Australian Water Resources Assessment 2010 but may be considered in the future as the resolution of reporting increases. Though the Geofabric Hydrology Reporting Regions have been developed for the purposes of the Australian Water Resources Assessment, it is envisaged that these units can be used more generally as a standard for hydrological reporting at the national and regional scale, and thus replace the Australia River Basins 1997 (
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