Description: Dominant stubble practice for cereal farmers, based on number of respondents in 2000-2001 by SLA (class)
Short Name: st_dom_no_01
Metadata contact organization: BRS
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Metadata date: 2009-08
Reference date: 2000-2001
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Type: Contextual (polygonal)
Classification: Area Management ⇒ Farming
Units: class
Data language: eng
Notes: From customised ABS industry data for the 2000-01 Agricultural Census, BRS determined the dominant stubble practice used by cereal farmers as that with the highest percentage (noting that farmers may undertake more than one practice on a property). If percentages are equal or no practices were reported, the SLA will be shown as No dominant practice. Dominance for this dataset was based on the number of respondents.
Keywords: farm, cereal, SLA, manage
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