Description: The surface water sustainable diversion limit (SDL) resource unit dataset defines the boundary of 29 surface water SDL areas in the proposed Murray- Darling Basin Plan. The SDLs represent the maximum long-term average quantities of water that can be taken for consumption in any one year, i.e. the long-term average annual limit. An SDL will be set for all diversions in each of the 29 surface-water SDL areas that have been established for the Basin Plan.
Short Name: mdb_surface_water_sdl_resource_units
Metadata contact organization: Murray-Darling Basin Authority
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Metadata date: 2009-01-01
Reference date: 2009-01-01
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Licence notes: CC-BY-ND
Type: Contextual (polygonal)
Classification: Area Management ⇒ Murray-Darling Basin
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Scope: null
Keywords: mdba, surface water, resources
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